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My New Toy--The Shark Supersteamer

I love love love new gadgets and toys. And I got me something new and fun! It's a Shark Supersteamer. You fill it with a cup of water. Plug 'er in and wait five minutes. It has attachments like a squeezee and you can clean your mirrors, windows, shower doors. I cleaned the inside of my microwave. Going to use it in it the door jams and am looking around everywhere in the house to see what else I can clean because it's totally fun.


Anonymous said...

be careful with that thing Naf. Steam is super hot and can cause serious burns . As a matter of fact that thing would be excellent as an instrument of torture . allan

Anonymous said...

Just bought mine yesterday. We have an old home with dirty-uncleanable grout on the floor. Used it this morning and it sure works better than the tortuous ways I've tried in the past. I learned it was OK to do in my bare feet (which was a relief) and the steam didn't burn my hands at all. It's a good purchase (used a 20% off coupon at BB&B so $32). I hope the little scrubbers don't cost too much because I think I will need a bunch. - Sherri


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