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On Using a Sewing Machine--Is It Possible to Learn This Late in Life?

Who here sews with a sewing machine? I want to know how DIFFICULT it is to learn to sew? Can one teach herself with a DVD or book? Or, is it advisable to take classes (and if so, where in the heck does one find a place offering such classes)?

How hard and long is the journey to learning?

I'm feeling a strong desire to learn to sew. And I don't mean just hemming pants or repairing a hole in a shirt.

Can a reasonable bright and ambitious old hag like me actually learn to make clothing? Realistically?

I think about my guitar sitting in my living room--how really hard it is to learn to play songs. Geeze. I took lessons before and I can strum chords, but that's about it. Is learning to sew going to be yet another quest full of disappointment with a sewing machine collecting dust like my guitar (or stationery bike, or treadmill)?

Nothing worthwhile gained is ever easy. That's fine. I'm used to hard work and always wanting to learn something new.

So....I'm posting this blog entry here. May I have a reality check? Please comment.



Anonymous said...

A cool site for inspiration:


spidey said...

learning to sew is not hard. start with something simple like a pillow. when i was a stay at home momma i used to sew all the time. i made my daughters christmas dresses, i made all the halloween costumes. i made her cute little vests for all the holidays. i sewed myself a few dresses.i made a few stuffed animals. i sewed a patch work quilt. i loved it and miss those carefree days. patterns are wonderful and will give you all the instructions. just don't sew your finger.

schell said...

I've been feeling the same thing lately. I want to learn to sew to make curtains, pillows, etc.
I watch too much HGTV.

doreenmary said...

Well, after looking the class schedule Joann Fabrics gives (no times match my screwed up schedule), I researched all this about sewing machines and teaching myself. I'm going to give it a try. There's one on sale for $79 (a Kenmore--Sears brand) and it had 31 ratings (all almost 5 out of 5 score), many of whom were first time users. If it's overwhelming to me, I'll return the damn thing. But, I'm really wanting to try it.

Anonymous said...

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