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Roasting My Own Coffee

I love coffee. But it's good coffee I love. And when you love coffee, you know the difference between shitty coffee and good coffee. But I need a new approach to making good coffee. Even the best coffee maker loses performance over the years (I have a BUNN, top 'o da line, and it's time to retire her).

I started exploring methods of roasting my own beans. That's what I'm going to do. I'll let ya know how it works out, but if you're interested...

I found a website called SWEET MARIAS that sells green coffee beans (cheaper than store bought coffee). They provide several methods for home roasting.

One of the methods of home roasting is to use an AIR POPCORN MAKER (they recommend particular brands which work best). You put beans in the popper and they make perfectly roasted coffee, which you then grind. It is then recommended that you use a pour-over system instead of a coffee pot, which is a manual brewing system.

I'm getting the CHEMEX BREWER, which comes highly recommended and is inexpensive. It looks like this:

The process is all explained at Sweet Marias.

I'm excited!

I'll keep yas posted.


Roger aka the Elu said...

Doreen, darling, I confess to being hopelessly plebian. To me, coffee ranges from java to joe to paint remover, and I suck it all down. It's nice to know someone of refinement!

sheila222 said...

I got my husband a coffee press which he loves,, me, I am partial to instant because he makes the coffee too strong. I do generally like restaurant coffee.