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I Live Here, Too.... Letter to My Family

Beloved Husband and Children,

Perhaps I have been a tad distracted in my work and schooling lately and I've allowed a few things to slide, but I need your help around the house. I guess I thought some things should go without saying, but I see not. I'll need to be a bit more specific about what I need. As such, the following are some things that beg your attention:

1.) When things blow up in the microwave, don't just walk away. Scrub! I cleaned it THIS time, but for crying out loud, it's a health issue.
2.) If you cook macaroni and cheese or anything else sticky and nasty in a pot, remove the pot from the stove afterwards, not leaving some crusty crap you don't know what it is later. Put soap and water in the pot and soak it, and return to it later to use the dishbrush to scrub out the nasties and put it in the dishwasher.
3.) When a roll of toilet paper has a square left, g'ahead and change the roll. Leaving one square doesn't pass as being thoughtful to the next toilet user. I hope it's YOU with a case of the runs who finds one square on the roll and the new roll waaaayyy out of reach after you've already dumped. I didn't appreciate this morning's square when my coffee kicked in.
4.) A garbage bag tied up and in front of the front door means I'm pissed and take the f'ing garbage out. Don't walk around it. It's FOR's your job.
5.) Towels that are wet will never dry in a lump on your carpet in your bedroom.
6.) Don't tell me there's nothing to eat. There's always toast, cheese, peanut butter and jelly and cans of tuna or soup. Get creative. We're poor and this isn't a restaurant and I'm not your private cook.
7.) You are all adults or almost there...learn to do your own laundry. I mean really.
8.) When mom is sick with the flu (like now) and is teaching late nights and working weekends, be kind. It's not allllllllll about you.

N'Kay? Can everyone pitch in just a little?


Chuckles the Mom