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I Used to Get Migraines, Now I Get Hives

When I find myself in times of trouble, worry or spiraling (you know...making mountains out of molehills, overreacting, jumping to conclusions...those things I do EVER so well), I used get a headache in response to such stress. But now, my body doesn't respond to stress that way any more. When things get really hairy or my perception of things is heightened, I get hives allllllll over my chest. And I can literally feel them erupt and itch. They linger for weeks until they go away on their own. And if I get stressed on top of the stress, they emerge meaner and uglier.

I'm in Florida and it's 80 friggen degrees. I was kinda hoping it would get really cold--cold enough for warranting wearing a turtle neck sweater. I ain't pretty lately and these things exposed sure will scare a person.

Any advice for treating hives? I've taken Benadryl for itching, but to make them GO AWAY? The medical literature I've read is useless, pretty much. I prefer homeopathic ideas and experience from those who know first hand on such matters. Comments welcomed!


sheila222 said...

Doreen, I haven't a clue if it would work, but try some sort of sunburn product that has benzocaine and aloe vera in it to see if you can anesthetize it a bit and soothe it. Then let me know how it works out!