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Are You Happy?

A great deal of attention on talk shows and on best-selling non-fiction book shelves lately is the discussion of happiness and the latest research surrounding it to try to answer questions like: Why does it elude some people yet not others? Who has it, why them? How does one get more of it? It’s been said, for example, that money does not guarantee happiness, that married people are happier than singles, people with college degrees are happier than those without, people who have sex are happier than those without. Some of these are misnomers but to others are often believed to be precursors to happiness.
Here's a link to an article this week I rather liked:,0,6905764.story
in it, Researchers cheerfully examine the question of what makes us feel good -- and why some of us feel better than others.

So the question is...what makes you happy? Do you CHOOSE your mood? Are people naturally happy or not? Or is it situational and short-lived?



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