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Pancreatic Cancer and Other Cancers Discussion

Actor Patrick Swayzie has pancreatic cancer... the most deadliest cancer, that which I lost my father to and my maternal grandmother (and, it exists as a likelihood it will likely take my own life with the genetic links on both sides of my family). Typically it strikes people in their 50's and is usually inoperable (poor results history).

Pancreatic cancer took Pavarotti. It also took "Pa" on Little House on the Prairie, Michael Landon.

Reading news today, I saw this interesting chart of death rates for most forms of cancer, showing decline over decades.

I know reports have said that Swayzie is optimistic and responding well to treatment... Pancreatic cancer statistically goes fast... Only 4% of those afflicted are alive after five years. My father lasted four grueling months. He had just turned age 59.

I'm doing a book signing next month and donating proceeds to the American Cancer Society.



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