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SAVAGE INSISTENCE? The Explicit Sex in Romance Novels

What we call "it" any more has changed, and so has the language in romance novels gotten raw. Here's an excerpt from an article which says...."In the past few years, publishers have flooded the market with sexually explicit erotic literature, touted as "not your grandma's romance novels." Writers say the raw intimacy is a reflection of modern relationships. Pop culture experts say the graphic material is due to a cultural desensitization; young readers are more blase and have a morbid fascination with vulgarity, having been brought up on music videos and the Internet."

Some of these references below are NOT erotic, but just FUNNY!


A few euphemisms found in romance novels which have since been replaced with more frank terminology in some books:

Breasts mounts, globes, orbs, twin peaks

Erection arousal, male tumescence, hard maleness, savage insistence, swollen loins, engorged wand of passion Ejaculation release one's seed Penis turgid member, quivering staff, shaft, manroot, manhood, velvety sword, love rod, lance of desire, tube of fire, beast of lust

Vagina sheath, treasure, citadel, love valley, love tunnel, womanly wetness, womanhood, feminine receptacle, moist warmth, nest of desire, welcoming folds Take her virginity breach her maidenhead, conquer the barrier to her womanhood

Clitoris nubbin of desire Nipples hard little berries, pebbled peaks

French kiss tongues engaged in a mating dance

Orgasm throbbing waves of desire, magical cataclysm, soaring to the heavens

Compiled by Melissa Leong



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