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How Much Do You Spend On Gas in a Month?

Have you done the math? Can you believe it? I mean, how insane can it get? In today's news an article showed that gas has reached $4 a gallon in some areas.

I found a link to a website which allows you to compare gas prices in your area, or any area in the country. Visit:

I remember in the early 1980s when us teen girls would go out for the weekend, which included "cruising" Clearwater Beaches roads and looking for some hootin' and hollerin' and maybe even a little drag racing (I had my mom's 1978 camero and it was fuuuuuuuuun). We'd all chip in like a buck each for gas. We'd drink Mickey's Wide Mouth Beer or Strawberry Boonesfarm. I remember one time my friend getting sick in the car and to avoid the damage to my mom's car, my dear friend opened her purse and allowed my other friend to puke in it. Ahhhhhhh. Now that was love.

But today, in 2008, there's no cruising to be done. You don't run out of the house so quickly to buy a gallon of milk or a pack of start justifying the drive and organizing errands to accomplish several tasks at once.

Good God, people speak of a depression forthcoming. Our home has been for sale for over a year now and we just dropped it below what we owe. Renting seems a more palatable option and we are learning to be "poor" just like the rest of America. My mother recently told me tales about people using old telephone book pages as toilet paper to wipe their asses. Can you imagine?

I'm more than a tad frightened about the future for my kids. Geeze.

Your thoughts?


Spidey said...

somehow i don't see the slowing down and appreciating the small things all that bad. i am not happy about the gas prices,and the cost of groceries really sucks. but i have been thinking about this, and slowing down and not spending spending spending, and throwing away things that can still be used is really the crime. i think twice before throwing away a left over. i am okay with eating it for lunch the next day. we have all been so spoiled for so long, it is time for a little wake up call. i feel like the brakes have been put on a too fast ride.
bigjoe(hubby) and i have been staying home a little bit more. not that we were big party animals, but it ain't so bad eating scrambled eggs for supper once in a while.
being resourceful is not a bad thing. i think twice before running somewhere in the car. i combine trips. i drive slower. i am okay with it.

doreenmary said...

Beloved Spidey,

I adore you. NEVER leave my blog. You are a voice of reason, an inspiration, and a wonderful cyber friend.

I agree.


Roger D. Curry said...

This could be the nucleus of a self-sufficient community at the farm. About 8 acres of bottom land suitable for a big-ass vegetable garden, some game, enough forest for endless firewood. I have lots of ammo, we wouldn't need to go to town for a long while. Oh, one sweet spring, good water, safe from giardia.