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How Inconvenient...

Having just moved last week, I don't own a flashlight. I'm short on cash and food supply is low. The kids start back at school tomorrow. I'm going to have to make the dreaded trip to the grocery store for water & batteries and I hate the pre-hurricane chaos at gas stations, etc. Every year, a couple times....same crap.

I'd like to find a place to move to one day where there are no hurricanes, where maybe there are some seasons to enjoy other than constant Florida heat.

My sister's family is on a cruise in the Bahamas right now and I imagine they are getting quite a boat ride. They're supposed to be back in Miami tomorrow morning (Monday) and drive back to to the West Coast of FL (8 hour drive).

In this photo, the RED ARROW shows where I live. I am about 5 miles East of the Beach.


Roger D. Curry said...

Hurricanes, hurricanes . . . let's see, let me google it. No, not there. Now let me look in my archives of the Fairmont Times-West Virginian - no, not there either. Hang on, I need to call my mom. Nope, she says no. Now my father in law. Nope, and his parents were born before 1900. So, there is no record of a hurricane in Fairmont in at least 108 years.

Real estate is also reasonable.

Let me know when you guys get here, I know a kickin' Italian restaurant.


mavis sidebottom said...

so are you underwater yet?

doreenmary said...

The sun shined all day.... It was a joke.


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