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My New Black Boyfriend, Jim

His name is JIM BEAM BLACK and I'm having him with Diet Coke tonight and listening to good tunes.

I was driving in my car this morning... listing to my new CD by Kid Rock...favorite song...singing... I'm all moved into my new town home and feeling splendid after all the sweatin' and stinkin' yestiddy. I was inspired by the lyrics, sippin whiskey from the bottle, not worried about tomorrow...

I'm longing for feeeeeeling like I once did... the happy days I used to know...thinking maybe I'll be happy again one day soon. It's been--oh--a thousand years since I sipped whiskey, so I swung into the liquor store and got a small bottle of Jim Beam.

If you're reading this, watch this video I've placed here. I don't care who y'are or what kind of music you like... Everyone surely LOVES this. No?

HAPPY WEEKEND! I'm going to try to be gentler to myself and ENJOY some weekend moments. Alone, but hey...that's totally OK by me!


mavis sidebottom said...

you can slow down now cos you aren't clinging to the wreckage anymore you're just swinming unaided

Anonymous said...

I think it's so strange to like Kid Rock - but I really love his voice when he sings normal songs. -blu


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