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Baggy pants ban "unconstitutional," rules US judge

This article was printed today at Yahoo! and I had to put it here for discussion. OMG! My entire student base where I teach should be arrested under this thinking!


Link to Article. Tue Sep 16, 2:02 PM ET

A Florida judge has deemed unconstitutional a law banning baggy pants that show off the wearer's underwear, local media reported Tuesday.

A 17-year-old spent a night in jail last week after police arrested him for wearing low pants in Riviera Beach, southeast Florida.

The law banning so-called "saggy pants" was approved by city voters in March after supporters of the bill collected nearly 5,000 signatures to put the measure on the ballot.

The teen would have received a 150 dollars fine or community service, but he spent the night in jail due to a history of marijuana use, the Palm Beach Post newspaper said.

"Somebody help me," said Palm Beach Circuit Judge Paul Moyle, before giving his decision.

"We're not talking about exposure of buttocks. No! We're talking about someone who has on pants whose underwear are apparently visible to a police officer who then makes an arrest and the basis is he's then held overnight, no bond."

"Your honor, we now have the fashion police," added public defender Carol Bickerstaff, who asked the law be declared "unconstitutional."

The judge agreed with Bickerstaff immediately, reported the Post.

Laws that ban low-slung pants are on the books in several US cities, including Delcambre, Louisiana, where offenders can be fined up to 500 dollars or jailed for up to six months.


Roger D. Curry said...

I'm trying to write something coherent about this sort of thing. The First Amendment is a wonderful thing. What do we do when popular culture turns to aggrandizement of anti-social values: non-productivity; sloth; militant lack of self-respect; hostility; shallowness? What about when cultural traits (such as clothing peculiarities) become intimately associated with those anti-values? How do we maintain free thought and still have a responsible society? The same seem inconsistent to me, and I'm not making a whole lot of headway. It is, however, more pleasant to contemplate than romance.


sheila222 said...

Generally speaking, kids outgrow their baggy pants- oxymoronic but true. I think it looks stupid, but remember when long hair was prima facie evidence of drug use? Schools have dress codes and workplaces have dress codes. In the absence of nudity in public places, let's let folks alone during their leisure time. How many complaints are generated by folks who are offended by athletic bras on women?

Jilly said...

we ahve a dress code at school that is enforced and is good, but i don't see the need to enforce it in the community, especially when most girls walk around look like mostly naked hookers.


Jilly said...


i just noticed you capella U link. are you a student there? my guy is almost half through his PhD there for education and curriculum instruction and his dissertation will be on technology instruction, since he teaches computer science. 1.5 years and then he's done for good (thank god).


doreenmary said...

Jilly, Yes, I just completed all the courses for the PhD in General Psychology. I am starting Comps in two weeks, followed by my dissertation. Interesting that your boyfriend attends there, too!



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