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Financial Matters....

I find the recent news about wall street stock dips, super giant banks and insurance firms filing bankruptcy and laying off tons of employees, selling out, etc. extremely disturbing and a foreshadowing of future economic times. The investment environment and international relations, the oil crisis are affecting all of us and you can't point fingers and say that it's dumb choices by individuals, presidents, investors, etc. Simply, SHIT HAPPENS and there is a combination of potent and deadly mixes here that have created this situation for the American people.

I hate to be Henny Penny ~ the sky is falling ~ but on a personal note... I'm not so sure I feel safe with money in the bank and using credit cards to my benefit to leverage money. I was late on a monthly payment and they jacked the interest rate up to 29%. Is that even legal? I would love to live on a cash basis if I could.

Used to be, if you had bad credit or faced foreclosure... you would be embarrassed. People are speaking about such things openly now... myself included. You think you're NEVER going to be a victim of unemployment, divorce, bad investments (especially in Real Estate!) and then... Wham!

There was a great piece on Dr. Phil yesterday in which they highlighted the story of loss and struggle within a beautiful upper class family. It just showed how crap lands every where, not just on the poor slobs who think they were born with bad luck.

I'm really worried. I'm renting now because I don't believe in real estate investments. Plus, I want to be able to UP AND MOVE should I ever have to for one reason or another. My house...the one going into foreclosure, has been for sale now into its 2nd year. I mean, people can't wait for stuff to sell that long. I don't ever want to be so tied down again...



mavis sidebottom said...

these days I count every day I dont get up and shoot my family and myself as a bonus

doreenmary said...

You CRACK me up!