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I just discovered a Really Great Australian Singer

ALL of Missy Higgins work is great background music for writing, thinking or sex (I would imagine...heh). Enjoy something new if you haven't heard her before....


marylandmojo said...

How about the songs of Ravi Shankar's daughter, Nora Jones, for writing, thinking, and sex (I would imagine, also)? I'm a writer, a thinker, and a romatic, and it seems to me as though her music would be 'spot on' for all three. Or Sarah McLachlan? Maybe being male brings those two to mind, as I love a beautiful, dreamy, sensual, girly-girl voice "on a woman". Ah, hell, I like dusky, raspy voices on a woman, too, and probably every voice in between. Guess I just love women--it's one of the pitfalls of being a male romantic.
Two all time classic sensual women's voices: Maryilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy--and if you've ever heard them, nearly the same. No wonder John Kennedy liked them both--so did I. Women take heed--a sensual voice is a definite turn-on for a virile male.
(Sorry to veer off topic.)

doreenmary said...

marylandmojo, I saw Nora Jones two years at a wonderful outdoor concert on a breezy fall evening. She is such a smooth, subtle and sultry singer, she'd be better placed among a much more intimate crowd to really appreciate her music. I picture her in a smoky jazz club. I have every CD of hers. Sarah McLachlin is great, especially when paired with an opera singer such as Bocelli (did I spell that right)? Thanks for posting.