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The Next 3 Weeks and 3 Days

I am well into the first week of my Ph.D. comprehensive exams. I was given three questions from my area of concentration to write responses to, not to exceed 50 pages total., due within 4 weeks. This is a pass/fail situation and without the "pass," a student may not proceed to dissertation, the final stage of the program. I understand only 50% of learners knock it out and succeed the first time without being given a 1 week period for rewrites. There are several readers who must agree on the work.

It's intense. Although I feel calm inside and am plugging away strategically, I know I'm somehow stressing because I have hives~something I get when I'm overloaded and they don't go away easily.

I'm still working the jobs, and am simply using every spare moment I can to do this. So far so good, but absolutely no time for screwing around.


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Jilly said...

my guy is a few months away from this process and i think he should go live in a hotel for it, because a baby really gets in the way of his concentration issues.

he keeps refusing to take medication for his adhd, and claims that the behavior modification is working, but it really isn't at all, and i'm so tired at this point! good luck working on it and with the review. living with teens can be exhausting too.

i think he should do well because when he chose his dissertation topic, the professors all said "you could change the whole industry and make millions with this."



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