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Let's Share Poor People Christmas Present Ideas

I've had to have a little talk with my kids...they're old enough to understand, I think. Christmas isn't about thousands of dollars of electronics. I'm single now and it's hard enough...."So please don't have high expectations..."

Oh how I wish I could do more. In the past year, I have taken the kids to a decent restaurant (defined as one a step or two up from McD's) only ONE TIME only. I would like for the three of us to go out real soon this holiday season....we talked about getting raw oysters and wings at Hooters on the water soon. Christmas presents will be small, few in number and cost...just some luxury items to feel special.

On money...

I met with a tax consultant/financial whiz/accountant on looming debt since the divorce.... house in "short sale" and second mortgage unpaid (Suntrust Bank calls me 30 times between 8 AM and 9 AM on some days). The home phone number is now officially for debt collectors and all friends are instructed to us my cell phone or email me for I've deactivated the ringer on the home phone due to harrassment.

I'm meeting with an attorney next week on the debt issues and separating the last few joint accounts from my marriage and going to start fresh. I only use cash now.

And, now that I'm all budget-ly responsible... I got a speeding ticket the other day and it was real apparent that sweet blinking tears don't sway a cop when you're 43 and not 18. I told him I used to get "warnings" instead of tickets in my younger days--blink, pretend to push hair away from face. How ridiculous I was... thinking I could talk my way out of the fricken ticket, but I did try.

Anyway, thinking about Christmas and presents and all... Any ideas for inexpensive gifts which are fun? Do you mail out cards? Do I have to? I don't wanna.

I'm making some of my presents for special people. Artsy fartsy.. can't say what, in case they are reading this...want it to be a surprise. But I gotta make time to get 'er done.

So? What's good for Christmas?


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Though not long lasting, people, I've found, seem to enjoy food alot. So that's what my efforts this season will be geared toward. My kitchen will probably end up looking like something out of an old Lucille Ball episode but the folks on my list are all getting pies this year. And you have the luxury of a few helping hands which may even make the task more enjoyable. Sorry to hear about your run in with the law but as I recall, the constables in Florida can be hard asses at times.