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Deeply Personal Questions To Ponder. No Response Required.

As you come down from your day so filled with activity... do you take time for yourself to unwind? Put on comfortable clothes and do at least one thing enjoyable? Maybe watch a favorite show on TV, or read before going bed? And when you do retire for the night, do you sort through all the mess that's in your head from the day and reflect on what might need your attention? Do you ask yourself if you've done your best, or were there things said or unsaid you need to tend to first chance tomorrow when you think about your relationships? Do you take time to talk to your maker--apologize, ask for help, express gratitude? Before you slumber, do make peace with your self?

I am sorry I haven't blogged; it has not been for lack of wanting to do so. The last week was filled with some personal challenges... some of the relationship kind, which can always emotionally paralyze.... seems. I've often been accused about overthinking life, picking apart the finer details that others might overlook... but I do, each night, find a way to make peace. It's a habit and a good one that sustains me.

And then I am strong again the next day.

I hope you are all sleeping at this late hour and getting much needed rest. I hope that you are happy and not suffering. May your week be blessed!

I hope to be back blogging more frequently.... slaying some dragons right now, but optimistic I'll break free shortly.


Roger D. Curry said...

Silly lady - You can kill all the dragons in the neighborhood. Then, you have to deal with the griffins, doppelgangers, trolls, tyrranosauri, ghosties, ghoulies, and the things that go bump in the night, but which you have to track down and kill during the day.

Keep your powder dry.


Jilly said...

a few weeks ago my guy approached me and said "i know what your problem is" now my first reaction respond with "you can either ruin our relationship or help it, choose wisely" but instead i said "do tell" his response was "you never get any time by yourself to just be alone anymore" so i looked at him and said "what are you going to do about it?" i think he thought he was done at the diagnosis and was put out about the cure.

c'est la vie. it's hard to live with other people.


mavis sidebottom said...

Doreen do you get PMS lol?

Spidey said...

i never question myself at the end of the day. those days are gone. it is what it is and the only thing i think about is, i made it through another day. no one died, no one ended up in the hospital. so what else really matters?


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