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I Find the Word, Analyzation, a Tad Troublesome.

"Analyze. Overanalyze. Analyzing. Analyzed. ANALYSIS!" But not "analyzation". Right?

I was helping a friend today... editing a paper.... saw the term "analyzation" in the text, but before I commented to him... wanted to verify. So I googled and looked around. Most online dictionaries do not have the word "analyzation" listed, but then I saw one that did... and it bothered me...

I got to thinking..

I've noticed that words enter our dictionaries because they are incorrectly used and then just accepted. A lot of slang has been adopted by Old Webster. I am reminded...

I used to find it irritating that people incorrectly said, "irregardless". The word is "regardless" or "irrespective," but NEVER "irregardless"... and then about 10 years ago, I became aware that the dictionary added the dreaded "irregardless". That's just moronic, to say the least, for the latin prefix "ir" means OPPOSITE... and would negate the "regardless" part , making the very word "irregardless" to mean a double negative, or more specifically NOT WITHOUT CONCERN which is a positive and NOT at all what anyone would mean when they used the reference.

And a couple of other troublesome words...

- Oriented versus orientated
-Preventive and preventative

And while I'm on a roll... as an instructor, I really hate when my students mess up these:

- your and you're
-their, there, and they're

And you know what else bothers me? Just knowing... KNOWING...that you are reading this and thinking I'm weird.

That's alls I gots ta say about that!


Jilly said...

shit like this pisses me off too. however, i'm sure that s/he should change it because they reject dissertations on bullshit like that all the time and i personally wouldn't gamble.

rosa from the shelf once wrote a great post about dictionary evolution. she's a somewhat expert on the topic and started a good debate about it. imho if it ins't in the OED, then it's bunk. i hate webster because they define words using the word. for example, in many webster dictionaries, if you look up kissingit says "to kiss" so you look up kiss, because you still don't know wtf it means and they say kiss is "the art of kissing." can we get a context clue or something? this really pisses me off because the kids i work with are operating at a high level of frustration with a low level of academic ability. they often refuse to use any dictionary because it's written by idiots to confuse people.


mavis sidebottom said...

my favourite is momentarily in the uk momentarily means for a moment but americans use it to mean in a moment , its always disconcerting when you fly on an american airline and the pilot announces that the plane will be taking off momentarily

schell said...

I don't think you're weird. Those things bother me too!

Roger Curry said...

Irregardless, you just have to keep going.


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