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I was Selected as a New Scholar Presenter.

I thought I'd share my good news today. This morning I received a congratulatory email from the International Association of Relationship Research (IARR), which is a professional organization of researchers and scholars who are social scientists dedicated to furthering the study of personal relationships. I applied to be a presenter at a New Scholar conference being held at the University of Kansas. IARR accepted my proposal to present on the subject of intimacy, passion, and commitment as predictors of relationship satisfaction.

It's called a "poster presentation". Think 8th grade Science project only with testosterone (tri-fold board on a table with graphics and bullet points) - me proudly standing next to my oh-so-brilliantly designed board, smiling. Professors, publishers, scientists and gurus will stop by and informally ask questions about my study, offer insight and ideas, etc. My presentation will be among 30 projects presented in November.

Following the new scholar event is a couple of days of intensive seminars by some of the great leaders in this specialized field of psychology.

What an exciting festival of geekdom for me! I truly love this stuff.

Oh, and I've never been to Kansas.


Spidey said...

congratulations. and remember to follow the yellow brick road.

Roger D. Curry said...


(Please tell me that you give homework assignments to go with the presentation.)


Jilly said...

congrats to you.

it sounds like science fair and i hated science fair. you could always tell the kids who had parents that did the work for them. good luck and watch out for SOBs who pay someone else to make their presentation look neat. those bitches are out there, i just know it. those kids whose parents dothe science fair do grow up after all.



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