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What I Saw at the Thrift Store....

Yesterday I went to the thrift store for treasure hunting fun. I couldn't believe what I saw and overheard while I was there.

The clerk (a volunteer) probably aged somewhere in her 70's, was behind the register counter. An elderly man was just leaving the store. She called him back, "Excuse me, sir? Are you the gentleman who is running for County Commissioner?"

"Yes, that's me," he said and he went over to her.

"Your check last week didn't clear, " she said. "You owe $47.50 for that patio set you bought. Could you cover that with cash? Or stop in later to do so?"

I couldn't believe how nice she was.

He replied, "My checks are good, my money's good. And I shouldn't have to pay.... I nearly got killed taking that thing home and off the truck, plus one of the legs was wobbly."

She said, "You need to pay or you'll be banned from ever coming in here again."

He put his finger in her face and yelled, "Don't you threaten me! My money is good....."

By this point I'm hiding behind the coat racks afraid this guy is gonna start throwing shit. I see a few other women with their jaws dropped.

He stormed out of the store.

I asked the clerk what that man's name was so I will be sure to not vote for him... She should've phoned the police on that slime!

And I looked him up online... he's held positions with the county but he also has an arrest and jail record.

When I think about who gets into office... who our leaders are, it is frightening!

But I got a coat for $4, so that's a good thing.



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