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On Finding the Inner Goddess (or God, if you're a Guy)

Do you have a good friend who tells you like it is? What a sprinkling of miracle it is to have such a precious thing. When we are busy and losing sanity, I mean really losing a grip... a good friend can redirect you. When life eats you alive, Oh, and it will... a good friend will notice and tell you... "You're not you... you're getting sucked up and I don't know you any more..."

These are times now when holidays are being planned and family traditions come into play. Some of this stuff isn't all that the Hallmark cards say. Memories of good times put pressure to make new ones. If you're the hostess, the mom, the chef for the holiday meal... you feel responsible for all's enjoyment. Memories of hurts and losses emerge during holidays, too. Daddy's no longer here, and that family of four with little smiling babies playing with ribbon are gone when you're divorced and the kids are bigger and want electronic toys you have no way to afford. So this time of year can be angst invoking.

Call a friend... not to complain, but for reflection of the mirror that friend shows you of the woman or man you are... because we forget our own power sometimes. We forget that we are strong and good and well-meaning. We can be overly pressured and self-critical and self-loathing. Or, if you are positioned in strength today, extend your hand to a friend who's sad or scared or freaked out... and give them the gift of your support... just a few words.

I am filled with gratitude today for just a few kind words said by a girlfriend that recently awakened me to my inner goddess. And today, I feel myself to be a strong conquerer in the world.

I hope your holiday plans are coming along swimmingly.


Jilly said...

i had a minor panic attack when i realized that thanksgiving is next week and i haven't cleaned my house, planned the meal or bought any food yet. few people are coming to dinner, so there's less pressure, but still. i'm almost done with chritmas and i forgot to do anything for thanksgiving. why do we do this to ourselves? in 5 years, no one will care what we had for dinner or who made the best pie, why do we pressure ourselves now?