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Sears Wishbook Christmas Catalog Memories

If you were a kid in the 1930s through the 1980s, you may remember the big book each year Sears put out (so did JCPenney and Montgomery Wards)... the Christmas catalog with all the toys you ever could imagine! My sister and I used to circle in markers the items in the wishbook that were what we wanted for Christmas as our list for Santa.

I know Sears still produces their wishbook... it's a much slender book than used to be, but since I've moved this year, I didn't get the book in the mail. I "googled" it to find the online version of the 2009 Wishbook catalog, but (what great luck!) I ended up at a website that has copies of VINTAGE Christmas catalogs - page by page and back to 1933... I wanted to share this with you:

Check it out! What history of pop culture! And may bring back some childhood memories.

I went through the 1976 Wishbook (I was in 5th grade at that time). OMG... there were so many toys i loved and had... Holly Hobbie, the Barbie Camper.

What are some toys you remember having and loving?


Spidey said...

i had a barbie apartment. i always wanted a talking telephone, but i never got one. i had the mystery date game. i loved view masters and had lots of reels. simple things compared to now.

Jilly said...

i remeber getting a cabbage patch kid when i was 5. they were the IT toy that year and my mom spent a large portion of christmas money getting each of us a doll.

the boxes hid the doll, so you didn't know what you got until they were opened (they don't do this anymore). mine was a girl with red hair and my sister got a boy with blonde hair. by the end of christmas, my sister had beaten me up and got the girl doll for herself and left me with the boy cabbage patch.

a week or so later, i poured a whole bottle of aqua velva on the girl doll in retaliation. my dad's mom would give him a quart sized bottle of the god awful after shave every year (my dad has always had a ZZ top beard, so i think the aftershave was a hint). i never thought i'd sit again after the beating i took from my daddy's belt once my sister ratted me out. but guess what? my mom made her keep the stinky doll and i got to keep the non-stinky doll, so it really was worth it in the end.


sheila222 said...

When I was three or four, I got a bride doll for Christmas, and a livestock hauling truck complete with plastic horses and cows. Gawd, it marked me for life! What were my parents thinking??? Can we really show a proclivity for a career when we are that young?