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Quirky Things I Like or Do

I was sitting waiting for an appointment and thought of all the things people do that are quirky or ways they prepare food that are different than usual, etc. So I started a list. What sorts of quirky things do you do or like?

  • Water with meals, never soda
  • Coca-cola never Pepsi
  • cotton sheets not silky
  • toilet paper with the roll coming over the top
  • New to me: Dark turkey n0t white meat
  • Levis 515 jeans never designer
  • Ribeye cut over NY Strip, Filet, etc.
  • New: Short Men instead of Tall Mean
  • Ivory Soap
  • The color yellow
  • Dentyne cinnamon gum (hard to find)
  • tights never pantyhose
  • Farmville on Facebook
  • Paperbacks not hard covers
  • Fingernails never painted but toenails, yes
  • bangs
  • Female hairstylests but Male doctors
  • Brown hair not blonde
  • Marlboro menthol ultra lights 100s
  • Texting or Emails not Phone Calls


Spidey said...

1)i like texting. my kids are more responsive to that, rather then talking to me. that might not be a good thing. :)
2)iced tea, not carbonated beverages... except
3)diet dads rootbeer with a spoonful of fat free frozen yogurt.
4)munching on puffcorn
5)checking the stock market even though i don't have much stock.
6)watching reruns of the Andy Griffith show
7)eating toaster strudel(blueberry)
8)playing farmville
9)only answering the phone if i feel like it.
10)wishing it were warm enough to hang laundry on the line.

Spidey said...
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Roger D. Curry said...

1 - Watching curling on TV
2 - Bobbing for French fries (only tried it once.)
3 - Making sassafras tea (must remember to throw out the first batch where the emetic is cooked off)
4 - Pretending that I have some clue about the meaning of modern art and poetry and doing so with a sufficiently straight face and obscure language that insecure people are afraid not to take it seriously.
5 - Making odd comments, viz: "Nobody move, this elevator is going to Cuba."
6 - Making scary comments, viz: "I have to do this, it is in accordance with Prophecy."
7 - Gently flirting with older women (that one's on the level)
8 - Shouting "The game's afoot!" when called about a murder in the middle of the night - that's my favorite of all.

doreenmary said...

Spidey, be my Farmville Neighbor. Link to my facebook at my blog or website.

Roger... lol!


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