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Teenage Fiasco and Why Kelly is Grounded.


Spidey said...

so is that her bedroom?

been there. guess what i learned to do? i shut their bedroom door and didn't open it again till they moved out. it was a losing battle and if they wanted to dig through dirty undies and socks to find the clean ones, i figured, they will stink, not me. i made them do their own laundry unless they put their socks and undies in the hamper. then i would wash them with the rest. but the rest was their deal. it was much easier on me that way, and a lot less yelling. best of luck to you.

doreenmary said...

Since Kelly has the demonic post-divorce marital bed (enormous), there is no space in her bedroom for that picture of laundry sorting to have occurred. She hauled all the clothes out to the LIVING ROOM (grrrrr) to sort the colors. She is grounded until it's all done and hung up.

My kids are responsible for their own laundry. I, like you, do the "shut the bedroom door" thing... I respect their privacy and they are far too mature to have mommy be their maid. What annoys me is their use of a new towel each day. You should use ONE and hang it up and use it for a week.

I shop and cook and keep the house clean... I expect them to help with garbage take-out, cleaning up nasty crap (dishes and cups and wrappers around the house) and do their own laundry. Same with their cars... they clean them.

God forbid they should initiate changing bed sheets once a week, too. I do prod them on that, too.

Hamper? I never seem to have a good place for one (I use laundry baskets in my closets) and I never saw a hamper that I found attractive and decorative. They all look like... well.. hampers.

Jilly said...

i found a pretty hamper at "babies r us" when i went to buy all that stuff a few years back. i'm sure we'll use it until it dies, and when it does, i'll miss it.

when I was 8, i could reach the bottom of the washing machine and became responsible for my own laundry. Now i'm 28 and get a perverse thrill saying "I've been doing laundry for 20 years, i think i can do it right by now" when my guy wants me to wash his stuff on permanent press and i don't.

About a year ago i was told that i should never carry a full laundry basket again, so i don't cart it off to be done, but i do all the folding and putting away now. although recently, i've been doing the washing by putting it in trash bags and pushing them down the steps. I wash it and dry it and someone else carries it all back up for me. i'm adaptable.

teenagers are such slobs. Most of them figure out how to not live in a sty at some point, but every so often i meet an adult who never evolved, and i feel sad.

i actually like cleaning. when i'm angry, there's nothing like srubbing the bathroom or the kitchen floor. i work off the anger, and my house is clean, win-win.


Spidey said...

one of the biggest fights i would have with my daughter was the wet towel thing. she sometimes took 2 showers a day which could mean 3-4 wet towels.
she now knows my pain, since she has to haul her laundry to the laundromat every week to do her own and her husbands. i am betting she doesn't use 3 towels a day anymore. i

i didn't care what the hamper looked like as long as the clothes made their way into it.