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Jilly said...

I'm glad you posted this. Recently, I had a talk with my guy about society and tolerance. We love to debte topics, it's "our thing." It was my turn to pick something and a TV commercial got me wondering about the morbidly obese.

Being fat is one of the few things we openly tolerate, even encourage, discrimination towards as a society. If one is a drug addict or an alcoholic, it's often hard to spot that addiction right off and judge. being morbidly obese is the first thing people notice when they meet someone very large. It's okay to judge someone fat who's eating foods that we think fat people shouldn't eat, and it's okay to mock fat people and laugh at them, even pointing and shouting horrible things in public, because they're fat and DESERVE it.

However, if you think of every fat joke and replace the punchline with "black," you'd think twice before saying it in a crowded room, and if you did day it, you'd be called on it quick. Sure, you can't choose your skin color, and people think we choose to be fat, but dig under the surface of why people are fat, especially morbidly fat, then it isn't as easy as "you eat too much and don't work out, you lazy cow."

Lord knows i'd probbly be the size of a small car if I weren't educated or middle class. I'm lucky enough to afford good foods, have access to nutritional knowledge, and the means to be a healthy weight.

What are your thoughts, if any, Doreen?

doreenmary said...

Hi, Jilly... Your post made me think. Gee, I hope I haven't offended anyone with my blog entry as a crack against overweight people. The humor I saw in it wasn't "fat" related, but I suppose that the woman depicted is heavy makes it better. I like the art about the cartoon. I don't know what you might call this style of humor, but I guess it attracted me.

On the matter of the epidemic of overweight in our world.... I have compassion. I consider myself overweight, like most Americans, and realize the potential health issues associated with the condition.

I am compassionate about obesity and do not judge. I don't think it's "addiction" for everyone, but a combination of genetics, poor choices, and a world in which processed foods seems to infiltrate all things we put in our mouth. Our technological advancements mean less activity and exercise unless we plan it.

I could fall in love with an overweight person and still find him attractive... it's that much not an issue for me. I also don't see too much prejudice around me against the overweight, although I'm sure in some circles that might be true.

Thanks for bringing up some good points to ponder on this, Jillybeans!