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My New Book Proposal

OK, two weeks later... I finished my query letter and book proposal, 25 pages. Writing this thing gave me chills, thrills and spills (literally - coffee on my keyboard), but it is done and I am so happy with it. I haven't sent it to the agent of choice yet... I asked a couple of friends to read the pages first and see if they have any suggestions for improvements.

It's always good to have another pair of eyes on your written work. The writer sees the construct of a sentence the way he or she wants it to read, sometimes overlooking an obvious forgotten word or a disconnect in thought. If you write, you don't necessarily need a professional editor, anyone with a good eye and a basic knowledge of grammar and usage can usually help overcome some of the basic errors even the most experienced writers make.

Now that I have a Sunday night to myself (oh, sure, there is plenty of dissertation work I could be doing), I shall peel myself away from this blasted computer, sit on my bed with a pile of warm, just-out-of-the-dryer laundry and fold while I maybe take in a tv show or chick flick. Speaking of watching TV, I saw a movie on cable the other night which was awesome. It's called Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith. Awesome!!

Although I am in the sunshine state, today it is 44 degrees and now that the sun is setting, it will be even colder. My chihuahuas are confused. When I let them out in the backyard this morning, they both flipped me the paw, and said "WTF?" and came in and pooped on a puppy pad. in lieu of outside. I couldn't really blame them and didn't take too much offensive to the paw flip. Now they are lumps in my bed between the sheets and the blanket. How is it that two 7.5 pound pups can overpower a queen sized bed each night, leaving me a curled-up ball sleeping in one corner? But that's exactly what happens!

Hope everyone is warm. It's a hot cocoa night, indeed!

I'm happy tonight for the work I've done. I've worked hard on something JUST FOR ME... and that feels really good!


Spidey said...

good luck on the book!

Jilly said...

i love that "yay, I'm done!" feeling when I complete something major.


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