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  • My ass is pretty chapped about the "official notifications" I have received from the Gestapo Homeowner's Association about my parking problem (2 written). I have an estimate to expand the driveway, but won't have the $875 cash in hand to do it for several weeks. I asked them to be patient and they told me too effin' bad. I could get my car towed. It's shit! So we've been parking like idiots all crammed into the driveway with the butts of the cars extending dangerously to the road, but that's what we have to do until I have a permanent solution.
  • Rats. They got ONE and only one bigass alpha male. $750 for his extermination. A tad costly.
  • It's getting close to self-flagellation week (PMS), so I'm sure my next blogging entries will amuse Alex, who across the miles is quite attuned to my lunacy and cycles. Heh.
  • I am getting tan and that makes me feel wickedly lovely.
  • My dissertation passed committee approval and is in the ethics evaluation stage. It's a very exciting stage and starting to progress much faster now.
  • My landscape died from the winter. Posting pics of my vision for new gardening (I have to get it approved by the homeowner's association because I'm wanting to mulch in excess of 20% of the front land and that is a deed violation...). I'm meeting with the architecture committee on Monday.
  • I start teaching psychology at the college on April 5th.
  • More later.
  • What's new with you?


Roger D. Curry said...

Architectural committee? You gotta be shittin' me. Does anyone on this committee have a clue about landscape architecture, other than looking at the pictures in Southern Living magazine?

I fear that my reaction would be more of the self-help variety.

If you would like, send me a copy of the subdivision regulations, and I would be happy to advise you of ways to screw with the neighbors which don't violate the regs but which will annoy the hell out of them.

The Shadow

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh do it, D!!!! I'd love reading posts about pissing off the neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Go Roger !!!!!


doreenmary said...

Update: Today I met with the Deed Violations Committee and Architectural Committee on my request to remove an oak tree and install driveway and do landscaping. All was approved and they were very nice.