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I am working like a dog again... not sleeping because I'm too involved to stop projects.... up until 3 A.M. most nights and up again at 8:30 each morning. Lather-rinse-repeat. OK, I'll admit I love it, but I also feel intense pressure that my hard-driving ways are pissing everyone off. And part of me wants to say, fuck y'all, and I often do, but part of me knows that I better manage time better and try to show love to those I do love and not keep putting them off in favor of some deadline.

I've moved all scheduling items, to-do lists, etc. into the larger size Franklin-Covey planner (Monarch size) - in a leather-bound zip-around case with handles. I know... a tad more corporate than I'd like my image to be, but the electronic scheduling never was good enough at really replacing a manual system. I like to take notes and doodle and need everything in one place.

I am still waiting for my friggen conference call with my Dissertation Committee. The Ethics Review Board signed off with approval and now I just need to check one more box, one more hoop before my national survey is launched. I will be inviting all of you to partake in REAL scientific research I am doing (see which will all be done online. Hopefully in the next few weeks this will be in progress. So close to ending this educational journey!

I started the Medifast diet ( which is approved by Johns Hopkins in clinical trials as a fast method for weight loss. I lost 16 pounds since July when I started and am keeping it off. My pants are too big and so are my belts... that's always a good sign... and I feel really good. I think another 15 pounds should do it to get me at a lean good and thin weight. I just decided to do it not for vanity reasons so much as I was NOT eating all day and then overeating when I did finally make time to eat.

My oldest child is graduating (Associates degree) at the end of the year and wants to get his Bachelors in... gulp.... CANADA. Thoughts on that? Anyone been there, know what it is like to be a student abroad? We'll be busy researching.

Oh, update on my medical crap.... I got some tests run and I have a fibroid tumor, which is causing all kinds of female cycle upsets. Waiting to do blood work, but the doctor suspects I am NOT close to peri-menopause yet.

I am building a semi-official library in my back room. I love IKEA bookshelves for this... they practically touch the ceiling and cover an entire wall. Got them assembled (with help) and bolted to the walls. Going to put books up by genre and alphabetize each. Dewey Decimal System. Heh.

More later....


mavis sidebottom said...

my friend has a fibroid problem and they just gave her mirena uis anyway no more bleeding mind you thats the nhs so it was probably the cheapest available option

Jilly said...

if they're big, they take them out. my friend has grapefruit sized ones and looked pregnant until they took it all out and is fine now. you'll be okay, it's fairly common.

my guy has 3 classes until comps. i can't wait until he's in the Dis stage.

canada is an okay place. i have a good friend who's in the US for the next few years via military exchange (her hubby is lifetime canadian military) and we have a lot of fun together. i don't kow how he'll like the weather, being from Fla. send him up north in the US for the winter just to see if he can take it.

congrats on weight loss. i know little about medifast, but i'm glad it's working for you and that you feel good. feeling good is always motivation to keep doing something.


Roger D. Curry said...

Will the survey results identify "The World's Greatest Lover"? I need to know before I answer, because that might make me a touch more boastful.



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