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Someone Please Explain to Me -- Pickled Pig's Feet

I was recently in the grocery store and passed by a pyramid display of huge jars of pickled pig's feet. The jar was $15 and contained like a dozen of these things. Although it looked like a fermented science project, this is considered a food product.

Help me understand this. Um.... the feet have nails and hoofs. This is a carcass. Did someone one day lick their lips looking at a piggy on a farm and go, "NOW that shit 'ould make some fine good eatin'?"

Does one simply BITE into the flesh? A friend told me that on a drunken dare, he bit into one of these bad boys and ended up puking. Said it was like eating a human arm.

Have any of you an acquired taste for this? Do you eat it ALL or spit out the nails and bones? Do you put ketchup on it? Cook it? WTF..

Please educate me.


sheila222 said...

AKA "Trotters". I think you pick them apart looking for small hunks of muscle in amongst the gristle. But that's just a guess. Lots of recipes for making them- I guess they are more popular than i would have thought.

Spidey said...

okay. have to admit i have eaten this. however never anything that large. and i like the pickled pork hocks better. my mother and grandfather used to eat this and gave it to me when i was little. it is a very vinegary taste and disgusting to most people. definitely an acquired taste. the first time i ate this in front of bigjoe he almost puked. lol. i have eaten lots of weird stuff he would never touch. anchovies, sardines, smoked oysters, pickeled herring. however he will eat escargot with me.
i will not eat turtle or snake.
your post made me laugh.

doreenmary said...

Thanks for the education you guys. Spidey... what about frogs legs, shark, octopus, and alligator (I've had all of those). I don't think I could stomach pig's feet. So you chomp on them right out of the friggen jar? Good God.

Spidey said...

i have eaten shark and frogs legs and alligator. not a fan of octopus or squid which i have also eaten. yes, you take them right out of the jar and eat them. but like i said.. i have never seen any that big and would not eat one of those... too big! scary!