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Blog duldroms. Does anyone read this?

I've been focused on other things and blogging fell by the wayside.

1) Started teaching a college class, Human Growth & Development, at Rasmussen College for the next 11 weeks. It's half online and 2 hours a week in the classroom.
2) Volunteer Work - Doing my Homeowner's Association Website
3) Done with my PhD dissertation (awaiting defense conference scheduling - I'm ready!)
4) Rewriting Dissertation (170 pages) to a small journal article (about 25 pages) to publish... targeting The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships and also preparing a book proposal (need to find an agent).
5) Kevin is back home from Canada and I've been cooking meals every day.
6) Cleaning closets and using SPACE BAGS (as seen on TV) to freeze dry winter clothes and fat clothes and store neatly.
7) Decided I absolutely HATE shopping crowds and am now ordering all my dry foods, cleaning items, kitchen stuff that isn't produce or meat ONLINE delivered (, Amazon Grocery, etc.). I'm only going to Save-a-lot for produce & cold items. It's working out great!
8) Reading lots... Love the Kindle. Further to earlier blogging... definitely working on issues of impatience and bad behaviors!

What's up with you?


Jilly said...

is there a produce co-op near you? there are several near me. they're based out of local farms. some are kosher and fully organic and others aren't. you can go half or whole on the buy in. once or twice a week they bring you whatever they've got ripe in either half or whole quantities. i think next year we'll take a half or whole interest in one. some of our local places also have eggs and meats too. then there's the folks at Schwan's and peapod at giant foods.
the down side to a lot of the online/delivery shopping is you don't get to shop around for the best price to compare which can of green beans or jar of salsa you want to buy.

i have about 4 tons of cucumbers that i must start pickling and the tomatoes are coming soon.

i'm holding my breath b/c comps start next week and the rest of the summer and fall depends on my guy getting this done right and me supporting him any way i can, even if it means packing up the kid and going on an extended visit.

i'm glad you are well and took the time to tell us you're well.

Roger D. Curry said...

Like you, I'm working to increase both my impatience and bad behaviors.

Wait a minute ... No, never mind.


Spidey said...

i am awaiting my much needed vacation next week. 9 days away from work. i can't wait. things at work are getting more and more intense since the takeover and i am waiting for them to tell me to pack up my office. my boss is acting like a crazy lady. everyday more gossip leaks out.
other than that, i am enjoying summer and my garden. i went on the annual garden walk on saturday. i am golfing in an outing the 25th. we are redoing our deck. i guess i am busy. ;) glad to hear from you again.


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