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These Vagabond Shoes

Hey... Where is Blu? I think she's on my Facebook. I must find her. I'm going to NYC in a couple of weeks and I don't want to look like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when I go there on business (Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more). Us Floridians get wigged out when we go to big cities and there's "wind" - so I need to consult the fashion queen of style on clothing and shit so I don't get "chilly" ... want to wear what's right for weather and to be totally appropriate. I need to look all New York Savvy... I'm pitching my psych research as a proposed book and will be meeting with some high falutin' agents and writers at a big meeting.

Although I've traveled solo many times on business, I'm always a little goosey in big cities and prefer to lay low. I just can't see me at a Broadway show alone, or a fancy restaurant alone, so I'm hoofing it around town and plan on living on slices of pizza and good old fashioned bagels or pretzels or hot dog stand meals... which in and of itself will all be good treats, but I shall miss the glitz that NYC has to offer. The hotels are excessively priced. The one where I need to be (Theater/Garment district) is $399 per night... so I am looking a ways farther to be price conscious. It's all very scientific and strategic to find the deals. Share info if you're familiar with the area.

So it's been a while since I've taken a flight. What's security like? I already know that Victoria Secret's Angel bras set off the security alarm, so I won't be wearing mine. (By that I mean I'll be wearing a different kind, not NOT wearing a bra at all). So it's $25 to check a bag on the flight? That's insane. I'll be carrying on a tote then, which I hate because because I'll be overstuffed, they are going to go through all my stuff because something stupid will appear in the XRay and there will surely be an explosion of clothes that never seem to fit back in a bag the second time you stick it all in again. Not to be negative... I just want to be prepared for smooth travels, travel light as I can and not have any problems.

So anyway... that's my bigass news and I'm kind of excited about it. I will be working pretty much all weekend on my proposal. I know my data intimately, and I have a concept for the book, just need to do the outline and have something prepared in case I'm asked for a written proposal. Meanwhile, I haven't heard anythign from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, where I'm trying to publish an academic paper... heard that takes three months. I'm hoping for a publishing contract which will position the book... if the book is picked up by a publisher.

Also this weekend: Kelly is coming home tomorrow from college and I'm having everyone over for dinner to catch up (sister's family, my mom). She hasn't been home in two weeks... I'm really glad she has found a connection with new friends. She made the cheerleading squad. She had to get a tutor for chemistry, but feels very good about her last test. All's good there. I'm hoping Kevin decides soon if he's going to join her at Eckerd, his plans are a little up in the air and a mother always worries.

Did I tell you I got feathers in my hair? It's the new "thing" here at hair salons... the feathers stay in like 3 months and you can use a straightener, wash them just like real hair. Yeah, I'm perpetually 16 years old... no seriously, my stylist said LOTS of old ladies are getting them. I have three of them. (Her name was lola, she was a showgirl With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there <-- Name that tune). That's all for now. Tell me what I need to know about traveling and New York.


doreenmary said...

Woo Hoo! I am meeting BLU for drinks in NY! This is very internet cool to meet someone I've known so very long only cyberly and never saw in real life!

sheila222 said...

Doreen, have fun in NY and lots of success pitching your idea for a book.


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