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Thoughts Tonight...

1.  I think it's really cute that the UPS guy "hides" my bigass cardboard box that was delivered to my front door so robbers won't come take it.  He puts my Welcome Mat over the top of the box.  For sure, that will keep the thieves confused.

2.  When did it become fashionable for young moms taking their babies trick-or-treating to dress up like sluts and collect candy for themselves in  pillowcases?  Isn't that a little wrong? 

3.  And just what is the cut-off age for kids trick-or-treating?  I think if a boy has a full beard (his own - not a costume) he might be too old.

Not being critical.... Jussayin'

So How was your Halloween?

Seen on an orange Tee Shirt - A picture of a witch's hat.  Saying:  Finally!  A Day I Can Be Myself.