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My Marshmallow Shoes & Other Scary Attire Worn Publicly

Just How Ugly Will You Allow Yourself to Appear in Public?

When you have to rush out to go to 7-11, or take the kids to school, or run any quick errand... Do you get dressed "right" in case you might run into someone you know? Or do you just go as you are, no matter how frightful?
I just go as I am. This, to me, is called "living on the edge, testing fate, daring..."

I just got back from driving the kids to school. Fridays are my work-at-home day, so I'm not dressed right. I went to bed with wet hair last night and woke up with an Afro of sorts. I have on no make-up. I'm wearing an XXXXXX Large Flannel shirt, no bra and tiny shorts. Boy, do I look reeeealllly pretty.
This morning, my daughter, Kelly, woke me up with a 10 minute warning: I needed to drive them to school. I brushed my teeth, made a cup of coffee and slipped on my White Croc shoes (which I call my Marshmallow Shoes). I was ready in 5 minutes!
Caught a glimpse of my mirrored reflection. It occurred to me...what if my car broke down? I'd surely be a sight!
So let me ask bad will you allow yourself to appear when you run out real quick?


Anonymous said...

I just go---I never really cared about appearances in that way---"what if I run into someone I know" way---don't get me wrong, when I go to work or some place else, I look nice---but for a quick run or to walk the dog---I don't really care what I look like. -blu

doreenmary said...

Of course you don't care, Blu. You're naturally beautiful, ya beeach.


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