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The Vagina Monologues

I drive alot each day between jobs and am tired of listening to my music CDs and the radio with all its commercials. I'd decided to get some audiobooks to listen to while in the car.
Last night, I went to the library and picked up the, The Vagina Monogules as read by Eve Ensler, its creator. If you're unfamiliar... this is an interesting campaign for women which is performed on-stage, typically at colleges around the world. Its author, Ms. Ensler, interviewed tons of women from all walks of life about the "unspeakable" vagina. Then, she created short monologues to highlight an aspect of the vagina: for example, women's stories about the first time she discovers how to pleasure her clitoris, or what the vagina is called in her geographic location in conversation, or, to answer questions, such as "If you could dress your vagina, what would it wear?"
The monologues are hilarious.

Has anyone seen The Vagina Monogues live? Tell me about it.

Here's your question for the day: What do you call "it"?


Alias Moi said...

What I call it depends on who I'm talking to. Sometimes it's Hoo-hoo. Sometimes it's Cooch. Sometimes it's Mimi. Sometimes it's Twat. Sometimes I even call it by it's correct name, Vagina. I detest the word Pussy. I'm not sure why. I'd rather hear Twat or even Cunt than Pussy.

Meme said...

my lady garden ;)


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