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Webster College Instructor of the Quarter....ME!

Webster College (soon to be Rasmussen College) held an awards ceremony and I was voted Instructor of the Quarter by vote of the students. It was wonderful, memorable moment and a few students yelled out, "We Love You, Ms. Lewis!"

To any students reading this (especially those of you who voted for me) have profoundly touched me!

I was awarded a certificate and get my own parking spot for the quarter. Ohhhhh yeah, Bay-bee!
I love teaching and it was a rough semester (I taught 5 courses) while also working at the City, not to mention my doctoral studies. I'm exhausted and going to enjoy a couple weeks off between semesters (and WRITE some for pleasure!)

Here are a few snapshots (taken with my cell phone).


sheila222 said...

Doreen! Fantastic! Your delight makes me smile. d

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