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Always a Mother...

I was driving my 14 and 17 year old to school this A.M. Kevin was in the front seat of the car--6 Feet Tall, Manly....still my baby.

As we rounded the bend to the drop-off area, I had to stop a little short. No, not screeching short, but enough. And, instinctively, my right arm extended across Kevin's chest to prevent him from lurching forward.

He laughed at me..."Why do you do that? I have my seat belt on. If we really were in an accident, your arm wouldn't protect me."

It's the most ridiculous thing, isn't it? I KNOW for a fact that other mothers do this. It's a natural "mom" thing. What's a little scary, tho, is that I've done this regardless who is in the passenger seat...I've had clients in the car with me and extended my arm across them at traffic lights and such.

Do you do that?


Anonymous said...

i do that Naf . I learned it from my father , he always did it and I always do it now . It's just a reaction that I can't seem to stop . allan

spidey said...

yes. i do it. and i think it is an honorable thing to do. an act to take care of the person you are driving around that comes out instinctively.

Anonymous said...

I do it and I am not a mother. My younger cousin did it to me once and I always remembered because I thought it was so caring and at the same time strange. -blu


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