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What's Wrong With This Picture?

Uh....yeah. These are the shoes I wore today to teach the first day of the semester. I was completely unaware what I'd done until one of my students pointed it out to me.

Am I the only one who ever wore two different shoes?



Roger, the Elu said...

Girls' shoes are totally illogical. Your gender is victimized by the fashionistas of New York and Malaysia, who don't care how the shoes FEEL.
Please accept one ticket redeemable for a foot rub.

Alias Moi said...

Bwhahahahahahah!!! I didn't even notice at first until you said they were different shoes!

Anonymous said...

I thought the fact that you didn't have your toes polished was what was wrong with the pic. -blu

spidey said...

you have another pair at home just like it?

doreenmary said...

R, I've never let anyone rub my feet in my life! Your sentiment is sweet!

Blu, you made me laugh. Your thinking about nail polish is so YOU!

Anonymous said...

ugly shoes

doreenmary said...

Dear Anonymous,

REALLY? I love both these shoes!


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