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The Bizzy Woman's Quest for Easing Meal Time Decisions

OK, I need your help on TWO THINGS...

1) Ideas for feeding the kids when I can't be home to cook, and
2) For me....eating on the run...

First, I gotta feed my kids and several nights a week, I'm not getting home from work until well after 10 PM. If I don't plan something for the kids to eat, they're eating junk food. I need ideas that I can either prepare for them the night before for them to heat up, or budget easy meals that are healthy and tasty to suggest for them to fix themselves...etc.

Wednesdays are "Wacky Wednesday" at Hungry Howie's Pizza (Large Pizza picked up is $5) and so we usually eat that together LATE. Dinner seems to be getting LATER & LATER at our house and ain't no homemade meals. Geeze, I really need to guide the kids to eat something themselves if I'm not around or their father isn't around for meal time.

Crock pot/slow cooker meals are great... I can make stews, spaghetti sauces, chili, etc., but that also gets boring. Grilled cheese, hamburger helper, mac & cheese are good.

Any other ideas for the kids?

Second, A typical day for me is teaching at 8 in the morning until after noon, then I work at the City from 1 to 5 PM and have to quick drive back to the campus to teach a night class going from 6-10 PM. I've been eating whatever I remember to stick in my purse to bring--bananas, yogurt, power bars and such. There's no time to SIT and EAT someplace. I've picked up $1 cheeseburgers at McDonalds to grab on the run. Usually, I end up getting something unhealthy from the snack machine at school -- caffeine and maybe a bag of mixed nuts or pretzels. It is difficult, at best, to get something in me to keep me going. I am getting dragged down, collapsing in bed at night and need to probably find a food routine which will energize and consistently keep my system in balance.

Any bizzy people out there figure out a plan that works? It's just awful. I don't worry necessarily about losing too much weight at this point, but the way I'm heading, my lifestyle is a recipe for disaster and death.

Here's the irony: I'm teaching a course entitled "Work and Family Balance" at the school. And I'm the poster child for WHAT NOT TO DO!

Your ideas welcomed!


sheila222 said...

You know what helps me eat more raw veggies and fruit? buying it already cut up in those fruit packages, or baby carrots. I agree,, it is a lazy thing,, but being able to reach in the bag and snag a few carrots vs cleaning and cutting up a carrot,, well, you know the story. Making something like lasagna with lots of veggies added can be a more balanced meal too. Make sure your nuts are almonds!

doreenmary said...

I bought a cookbook at Sam's Club.. it's all EZ meals using Campbell's soups and foods. Everything has like only 4 ingredients.


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