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My Big Fat Ass HURTS!

That I spend an inordinate amount of time in my home office sitting on my patooty, what the heck was I thinking that a $29.99 chair from Staples would last long with my weight on it for a serious length of time? Thing is, I wasn’t thinking. Actually, I have no cushion on my butt—I was built with a flat, bony ass, sadly.

And so, this chair... which I’ve had for about a year.. the fake leather is ripping. Whatever cush was in it is completely smashed and vanished.

You get what you pay for and some things need to be viewed as an investment.


I’m going to get me Queen ‘O da World comfy office chair immediately.

I’m suffering. Ya hear me? Sufferin’, I say.

If anyone has a happy ass and can recommend a chair that doesn’t cost a fortune, your comments are most welcome here.


Anonymous said...

Hi, its Bill.. I should have checked this out earlier. Interesting stuff. As for the chair, it sounds like mine. I used ingenuity, character and imagination to resolve my problem.. I put a pillow on it.......

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have a chair from Staples that cost $29.99. Do you weigh 400 lbs? I've had my chair for about 3 years and my fat ass spends 8-12 hours a day in it, and it's just fine.

Melissa the Ragamuffin


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