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College & Psychology & The Future

I have 3 classes left in my Ph.D. program, meaning another two semesters to go. I have one more residency (a week in Orlando this Fall), I then take my Comps and enter Dissertation Phase through 2009. I just sent an email to my mentor/advisor as I want to plan on post-graduate work, perhaps in research, or yet, another Ph.D. taking a clinical path. I don't ever want to stop.

My son, Kevin, graduates high school this year. He has decided to pursue a bachelors degree in Psychology, which pleases me to no end. The outlook for psychology careers over the next 20 years is bright, and the field is truly fascinating.

Kevin turns 18 next month (and my Kelly celebrates her 15th the same week in March). I have miraculously managed to put several thousand dollars into savings towards a car for Kevin to jump start his entry to college and adulthood.

It's hard to believe how quickly babies grow up. In so many ways, I still feel like I'm 25 years old. I look at my kids--a young man and girl, almost a woman. They make me so very proud--so precious, beautiful and smart.

There are so many choices in the world for young people. I have always encouraged (but not demanded) pursuit of higher education and thinking... of knowledge and of enriching experiences. It's been with hope that they walk a straight line and for the most part, we've been unscathed by drama in this household of teenagers.

Without argument, my children have goals and ideals for their adult lives. We're blessed that they still actually "like" mom and dad.

I'm feeling a tad choked up... These are busy times wrought with overwork, financial issues and all that...but the things that are constant in my world and make me smile are my childrenn, the continued hope for a bright future for them, for my own career, for aspiring for quality living always within this loving home. That doesn't mean it's always easy (especially because I, of all of us, am the biggest pain in the ass anyone ever knew). But anyway...

I feel unbreakable today. And that's not always a common thing.

Tomorrow's my 43rd birthday. It's going to be my favorite year EVER.

I'm lucky. Very very lucky.


Spidey said...

well happy birthday to you. i hope your wish of a wonderful year comes true.
my first born will turn 25 this year. i do NOT know where the time went. my baby will be 21 next week. i don't feel old enough be a mom to someone that age. i was just 25! i am glad i had them when i was young enough to hopefully enjoy any grandchildren for a long time, that my be in the future. having children can be a blessing.(most of the time) :)

Roger aka the Elu said...

Doreen, dearest, I hope this is a GREAT year for you. Your perseverence is reflected in your kids' characters.


doreenmary said...

Thanks, guys.

Catz said...

My oldest will be 24 next week.
Happy Birthday,D!

mavis sidebottom said...

43 year old aquarians are the greatest


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