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Memos that Say Simply, "Please See Me"

You've gotten them... an email from the boss which says, "Please see me." No subject header, you have no idea what it's about. Or, you get the yellow sticky note on your phone or computer monitor... "Please call me."

It's a tactic which is ever so rude and demeaning to the party receiving it. If you're a paranoid type, you think you've done something wrong. If you're a cynic, you think, "here we go...what's this shit about?"

Bosses....stop that crap right now, you power-hungry ego-maniacal bastards! Just stop it!

No, I didn't get one of these notes today, but someone I know did and I felt her pain.

Jesus Christ naked on a trampoline, for cryin' out loud!~


Roger said...

It's a control thing, plain & simple. A responsible supervisor will either have the class to come & talk about defining problem and seeking solutions, or at least specify the issue in the memo. A recent memo to a staff person in my shop said, "Ooops, there's a better way to do [this activity], talk to me so that we can get on the same page for next time."


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