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Aroused Women-- Excerpt from the News this Week....

Women Aroused by Men Doing Housework

Posted Tue, Mar 18, 2008, 4:00 pm PDT

Say goodbye to French maid costumes. If you want to increase the amount of sex in your relationship, hand the duster to your man!

A recent survey featured in Parenting magazine has found that 15% of women are aroused when their partners pitch in around the house. Additionally, a 2006 study found that men who helped with household chores were more attractive to their spouses.

Why is this? Well, aside from the fact that some of us simply enjoy the sight of a man in an apron, it could be that women love their own version of Mr. Clean because it gives us a chance to take a much-needed break. Even though the majority of women now work outside the home, most of us still perform the bulk of household chores.



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