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I Want the Buxton Bag (As Seen on TV)

I want the Buxton Bag AND I want the digital voice recorder key chain that comes free with it.

Have you seen the commercial? CLICK THIS.

I'm gettin' it. The RED.


Roger D. Curry said...

Permit me to tender an apology through you to all women to whom I've derided the carrying of a purse. As technology "advances" (and I can argue that one either way), I have to carry more and more stuff on my person. I'm seriously yearning for a return of the "possibles bag."


sheila222 said...

Roger, you need to carry a plunder bag strapped on somewhere. Or carry a vintage leather ammo bag,, and when someone asks if you have taken up carrying a purse, you say no, I am toting my ammo bag. You'd likely get a few strange looks, but shoot, nothing you couldn't live with.