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Empty Cans Make the Most Noise

The title of this blog post.... That's a little piece of wisdom my mom always said while I was growing up. She'd say, "If you're going to speak, have something intelligent to speak about... don't be a chatterbox for it's just noise."

I'm sitting at Paneras right now. I have a 4 hour wait for my son, Kevin, who is taking the A.C.T. (college entrance exam) and I'm too far away to drive to the comforts of home to return there, so I'm sippin' my (VERY overpriced and overrated) Java and working on my lesson plans here.

The only place to plug in my laptop is along the wall and, unfortunately, there's a young lady at a table next to me who is speaking 1,000 words per minute and loudly. I wish I had my ear plugs, but the balled-up pieces of napkin shoved in my ears seem to be working slightly... GEEEZE....the incessant chatter!

"Oh mah gaw--awd... Like listen to this..." she is saying to her friend. This chick is far too old to be speaking liking a junior high girl. I can't help but want to go over to her table and take her f'in' coffee and pour it over her Barbie Bobblehead. Her company is politely speaking in a low volume but this blonde bitch is wanting her presence known to all. I looked at the woman on the other side of her working on her laptop and she just rolled her eyes at me to indicate her disdain about this EMPTY CAN rattling and rattling away.

It is good to teach our children what it means, "Empty Cans Make the Most Noise".

Just be quiet. Not everyone wants in on the party going on in your empty head.


Chuckles the Clown


Roger D. Curry said...

Somewhere, I remember a line something like "Better to have them think you're stupid than to open your mouth and prove it."

These old sayings are so old because they're true.

Love to you.


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