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Talking on the Cell Phone While Peeing and Other "Don'ts"

I learned that you can't get away with peeing on the phone while talking on the cell phone (even if you think you can quiet the stream). It was only my best friend on the other end when I tried it once, but still. I feel it's my obligation to tell you this important information so you don't make the same mistakes I do...after all, you actually come here and read my blog.

Yahoo! took a survey and listed the top five offenses about cell phone use. They include:

1. Accepting a personal call while in a meeting or presentation

2. Answering the phone or emails while at a business dinner

3. Talking on the phone while in the bathroom

4. Talking on the phone while in close quarters (such as a train, plane, or bus)

5. Answering a work call or email during personal time after work hours

I was glad to see that text messaging while in a meeting (hiding the phone in your lap unseen, of course) wasn't listed, as I'm pretty guilty of that.

Oh, and I did snap a pic of my face once in a meeting when no one was looking. I didn't have a mirror and needed to check my lipstick. Why carry a mirror when the camera does the job?

I have also accepted calls while in the shower or in the bathtub.

I talk on the phone while dying my hair.... be careful not to stain the phone!

Does anyone have any pet peeves about cell phone users? Have you gotten in trouble using yours? What's your worst habit with your phone? And don't tell me it's putting the phone on vibrate and sitting on it, cuz that's just over the top bad behavior. Besides, the vibrating mode is hardly strong enough to affect anything.