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Chicago: My Travels This Week

Just arrived at Chicago's Hard Rock Hotel for a three day meeting with McGraw-Hill Publishers for a focus group on Psychology Text Books. Here's the view from my room.


Usti Waya said...

It appears that you are having a wonderful time in Chicago. I have all of your books and hope that some day you will come to Houston for a signing. I believe that you are very much a passionate and romantic individual. Maybe we could get together at a coffee shop, Hilton Hotels usually have a Starbucks in the lobbies. BTW, I am working on my PhD also. I just finished a colloquial in Atlanta.

Roger D. Curry said...

My parochialism is showing, Doreen. You can drop me darn near anywhere out in the woods, and I'll walk out healthy and happy. But the thought of negotiating those valleys of steel, glass, concrete, cars, noise and people gives me serious jitters.

I just don't see that a longhunter could make a living in Chicago.

Nickel knowledge: "Chicago" comes from an Indian name for the river (which nation, I forget) which means "smells bad."