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Funeral Chicken

I guess several days ago (I wasn't home), my mother dropped off this giantic trough of fried chicken. She was hurried, according to the kids, and all she said was to enjoy the leftover chicken from some funeral she was at...

"Funeral Chicken"

It was enough for several families.

We started preparing it different ways... eating it as leftovers. Day after Day after Day.

I was sitting at my desk last night and I overheard Kevin ask his father, "What's for dinner?"

"Funeral chicken, of course!"

"Nooooooooooo!" Kevin screamed. "What IS this funeral chicken and why won't it go away?""

There has been an outcry from the children to throw away the old funeral chicken.

I have no idea whose funeral it was, how the hell my mother got this trough and why it ended up in our refrigerator, but we ate what we could and the rest... it's gone now.

We were starting to grow feathers.



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