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Did I Already Take My Pill Today? Geeze.

I totally GET IT now, why the elderly use these plastic pill reminder boxes with the days of the week marked on them. I have ONE pill to take daily and I'm on antibiotics right now. The bottles are at my desk. I swear to God, most days I look at the bottles and ask myself, "Did I already take my pill today?" It could be 5 minutes ago and I don't recall.

I think I overdosed today. It's probably not fatal, but if you don't hear from me on my blog for a really really long time, you can figure out what happened.


Spidey said...

my hubby has to take pills every morning and the way he reminds himself that he took them, is he uses the same glass everyday, and moves it to a different spot from where he stores it. if it isn't moved, i know and he knows that he forgot. if it is moved, i wash it and put it back in the storage spot.

Anonymous said...

Doreen , its not just "the elderly" who use a pill box . As far as I know birth control pills come in a dispenser that is marked by days of the month.

sheila222 said...

Make that Geeze, Geezer. :) I used the water glass trick when I had a medication that had to be taken daily- moving it to a new location, in my case from the sink base to the window sill.


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