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Papercuts, Hangnails and Chapped Lips

Y'ever notice that something so small as papercuts, hangnails or chapped lips can bring ya down and really affect your mood and well-being? Why are we such babies?

I've got some monster zit thing on my face that "isn't ready yet" for f'ing's just growing and hurting and why am I getting this at 43 years old like some 16 year old?

I started some nervous habit of chewing my lip..of licking my lips. My fricken lips are so chapped that the Blistex isn't taking care of it. And I noticed this morning when I woke up, how pissed I was starting my day...pissed over something so very stupid as a zit and chapped lips...taking this in consideration of real life issues surrounding my life right now which really are so much more important.

I can handle life's most monumental confrontations quite regularly. Today, for some reason, I feel taken down by these little things.

And I know...oh, how I know...there is no compassion by anyone, for my woes of this day.



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