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Economics and A Kid's First Car...PIMP MY RIDE!

Uh,Yea, I recently blogged about my 18 year old reserving a first edition SMART CAR, which is a year out until they will be in our area... Since then, reality has set in and a first car is a first car, forever memorable, no matter what it is. It's got wheels, it runs, it's deemed safe and it'll get him to college and to a JOB to make money to get some fancy ass car later.

With creative negotiations...and just a few hundred smackers of mom's blood/sweat/tears earned cash, today was a wonderful day to surprise Kevin. Here are the pics of his new 1994 Buick Century with 171,264 miles, ice cold air and newer tires.

Look at that smile!

So now tell me about YOU...What was your first car?


Spidey said...

he looks like you.

my first car was a 1969 ford galaxy 500. it was a two door, green machine. i broke the motor mounts taking off like a crazy mofo from the stop signs. gas was 50 cents per gallon. one time, my friends left a bucket of popcorn on the back seat after we were at the drive-in movie. i opened all the windows driving down the road and the inside of my car looked like a popcorn machine. i was a crazy girl and i sometimes think if bigjoe hadn't married me when he did, i would probably be dead.

sheila222 said...

My first car- a 1973 Vega- used. I have suffered post traumatic car ownership syndrome since owning it and because of it, I will never own anything made by GM in any of its incarnations.

Roger D. Curry said...

'71 VW bug, dark green. I drove the wheels off that car. I particularly remember occasions of blowing past the snowplow on the way to the ambulance station for a call. I can still hear the unique note of a Bug's air-cooled engine on those rare occasions that one is around.

Email later, university thing.